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Perfect Pools and Spas specializes in fiberglass swimming pools and vinyl liner swimming pools. Making the choice between these two types of swimming pools can be a difficult decision. Our goal is to present you with the benefits of both, so you make an educated decision. This will insure that you purchase what best suits your application and budget. We will also discuss all the possible options that will complete your “Backyard Oasis”.

Fiberglass swimming pools have been on a “comeback” for the last several years. The lack of colors, shapes, and sizes were always a drawback when it came to choosing a fiberglass swimming pool. These days you can find a fiberglass swimming pool to fit any need or desire. There are so many different models now that finding one to fit your backyard and style is easy. The extended structural fiberglass swimming pool warranty is an added plus as well. To view some of our models, click on our fiberglass swimming pool manufacturer’s website
 www.alaglas.com. We also offer swimming pools from other companies if you don't see an Alaglas swimming pool that fits your requirements.

Vinyl Liner
Vinyl liner swimming pools are the most affordable way to enjoy in ground swimming pool ownership. These swimming pools come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and liner patterns. You can pretty much customize the swimming pool you are dreaming of. Vinyl liner swimming pools can come with swim-outs and deep-end seats just like fiberglass swimming pools. We offer many different options. Perfect Pools and Spas will help you make the right decisions. To view some of our vinyl liner swimming pool patterns, please click here 
www.performancepoolproducts.com. If you don't see anything that fits your taste, then let us know. We have many more resources available.

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