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Above Ground Pools
Perfect Pools and Spas is a huge advocate of above ground swimming pools. Some swimming pool companies don't care to sell above ground pools due to their lower profit margin. We have sold and installed hundreds of above ground swimming pools and are proud of it. There are many different options when it comes to above ground pools. We carry two different models which are the top of the line in their industry. You can buy just the above ground swimming pool package or have us install it as well. We are one of the only above ground swimming pool companies that don't sub-contract their installs. Everything is performed in-house. You can choose from our round or oval above ground swimming pools and our both models are salt water compatible. Click here to see our more affordable
 Sequoia or click here to check out our fully resin constructed Atrium.

Perfect Pools and Spas offer one of the most reliable lines of portable spas and hot tubs on the market. Viking Spas offer many of the most popular options while providing superior construction and quality. We also offer spill over and insert fiberglass spas that will compliment any swimming pool area. Perfect Pools and Spas can help guide you with your next spa purchase. If this is your first hot tub or your third, we have the model that will best fit your needs. Our spas are easy to care for and offer one of the best warranties in the industry. We can deliver the spa directly to your patio or deck and help you get on your way to hydrotherapy and relaxation. Please visit our manufacturer’s website at
www.vikingspas.com and choose your favorite. Contact us for pricing and availability.

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